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100% Dedication to Client

We understand there is nothing more precious to someone than their freedom and their families. It is our mission to advise and advocate for our clients to protect what matters most.

Hometown Law Office

We are rooted in Montgomery County. We pride ourselves in being a part of our community and defending our fellow citizens.

Experienced Lawyers

Having over a decade of experience, you will not have worry if you are in good hands. We are here to put your needs first and defend your rights.

About Us

Crowl & Crowl is a law firm serving and defending Montgomery County and the surrounding areas in criminal and family matters.

Our roots run deep in Montgomery County. With over a decades worth of experience, we are proud privileged to be a part of this community and defend the rights of our fellow citizens.


Our Services

Assault & Family Violence

All assault cases must be handled by someone who has experience in the various defenses to these offenses such as self-defense, protection of third party or mutual combat.

Computer Crimes

These are all types of crimes associated with technology. In these types of cases, we carefully review warrants to making sure your rights were not violated. If we believe your rights were violated, we will fight for the evidence to be suppressed (thrown out) in court.

Drug Crimes

One of the most common cases in the criminal justice system, both in Montgomery County and throughout Texas. We handle multiple drug cases every day and understand the defense to a drug charge need to be tailored to every individual.


DWI is by far one of the most common crimes that everyday citizens are accused of by the state. We have tried and worked hundreds of DWI cases in every criminal courtroom in Montgomery County and beyond.

Expunction & Non-Disclosure

Everyone wants a “clean” record. The two methods achieve this are expunctions and non-disclosures.

Juvenile Crime

Being accused of a crime by the government is frightening enough as an adult, let alone as a child. We have the experience necessary in representing juveniles understanding how serious the stakes are.


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