It easy to be embarrassed or upset when accused of driving while intoxicated or worse off driving while intoxicated with a child or intoxicated assault or manslaughter. Take comfort in the fact that DWI is by far one of the most common crimes that everyday citizens are accused of by the State.

Although common these cases can be quite complicated and that’s why It is so important to hire a lawyer who knows every in and out of a DWI case. These can be challenging cases for prosecutors to prove, and no one should plea to a DWI without a thorough review by a seasoned DWI attorney.

We have tried and worked on hundreds of DWI cases in every criminal courtroom in Montgomery County and beyond. These cases are won or lost based on an attorney’s ability to review all aspects of a DWI arrest including but not limited to:

  • Did the officer comply with proper protocol according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s standards while performing the field sobriety tests?
  • Was the stop and detention of the arrested individual lawful?
  • Did the nurse or phlebotomist follow proper protocol to eliminate various substances from the site of the blood draw that can affect a blood alcohol concentration or the presumed presence of drugs in the system?
  • Was any type of warrant, including a warrant seeking someone’s blood, obtained legally by the officer?
  • Are the statements made by an individual during an arrest admissible in court under Miranda V. Arizona?
  • Did the lab perform their testing in an environment that would eliminate the possibility of foreign substances entering the blood sample causing a false blood alcohol concentration or a false positive for the presence of drugs?

Why Hire Us

Our Strategy

1. Listen carefully to every one of our clients
2. Assess what they want to happen in their case
3. Advise them as to all the various scenarios that can play out in a case
4. Lay out all the options going forward
5. Keep the client constantly in the loop as we implement our plan

With our experience we have the ability to be able to see the case from:

  • Your point of view
  • The prosecutor’s point of view
  • The Judge’s point of view
  • A Montgomery County Jury’s point of view

With a former Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney as a partner, we know:

  • What is a good deal
  • What is a bad deal
  • How the State is going to use their limitless resources to try and convict you
  • How to fight back
  • How to win

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