Marijuana – THC

Marijuana – THC

One of the most common cases in the criminal justice system, both in Montgomery County and throughout Texas, are marijuana cases. As marijuana use becomes more common and more states and cities across the country take steps to decriminalize the substance, often many misconceptions regarding marijuana can occur when it comes to the legal system. This is especially true when dealing with marijuana cases specifically in Montgomery County and other Texas counties like it.

  • Possessing any amount of marijuana, so long as it is usable, is still illegal in the state of Texas and is a crime that is prosecuted every day in Montgomery County.
  • Many assume that even if they are prosecuted for a marijuana offense, such offenses are always going to be “misdemeanors”. While that is often the case, it is certainly not always true. Two of the common exceptions are cases involving “edibles” or THC “wax” where the weight of the substance means that the defendant may be facing a felony and often years in prison, even though the substance itself is nothing more than marijuana.
  • Don’t make the mistake of not hiring proper representation or simply pleading guilty to a case because “it’s just a pot charge”. Although marijuana charges are common and are typically misdemeanors, having a drug conviction on your record can have significant consequences that you may not be aware of and that need to be considered before taking any sort of plea.
  • All these points are further complicated if your case deals with “synthetic marijuana”, a substance that is becoming very common throughout Texas and can present its own unique issues.
  • Both Chad and Kyle Crowl have extensive experience with marijuana cases both on the defense and prosecution sides of the courtroom. We know the specific issues that cases like this present and what needs to be considered when our clients find themselves facing charges like these.

Why Hire Us

Our Strategy

1. Listen carefully to every one of our clients
2. Assess what they want to happen in their case
3. Advise them as to all the various scenarios that can play out in a case
4. Lay out all the options going forward
5. Keep the client constantly in the loop as we implement our plan

With our experience we have the ability to be able to see the case from:

  • Your point of view
  • The prosecutor’s point of view
  • The Judge’s point of view
  • A Montgomery County Jury’s point of view

With a former Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney as a partner, we know:

  • What is a good deal
  • What is a bad deal
  • How the State is going to use their limitless resources to try and convict you
  • How to fight back
  • How to win

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