Online Solicitation

Online Solicitation

Online Solicitation of a Minor is a crime in Texas that occurs when a person who is 17 years or older intentionally or knowingly communicates certain sexual content to a minor by electronic means and the internet or uses electronic means and the internet to solicit a minor to perform sexual acts. Electronic can mean email, texting, and other electronic messaging services.

A minor means someone who is under the age of 17, or who the Defendant believes is under the age of 17. This is important because it does not matter if the person the Defendant is speaking to electronically is actually under the age of 17. What matters is that the Defendant believes they are under the age of 17. Often these cases are prosecuted as a result of law enforcement running a Sting operation and pretending to be a minor who does not actually exist. Crowl & Crowl has a great deal of experience with these cases and know exactly what to look for in order to be able to provide the best defense possible.

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