Probation Revocation

Probation Revocation

If you are on probation and your probation officer believes you have violated your terms of probation, they can and will ask the state to file a motion to revoke that probation. This is essentially asking the court to remove you from probation and sentence you to jail or even prison. This usually leads to an arrest warrant being issued and you being thrown back into jail awaiting a resolution to this motion to revoke.

This can be extremely stressful as it can feel like a repeat of something you have already gone through on your original charges, and it is similar in a lot of ways. The main difference is that you no longer have a right to a jury trial, but only a hearing before the judge and the alleged violations has nothing to do with the original charge. The hearing is solely based on what you did or didn’t do while on probation. The consequences of a violation of probation can be anywhere from time served to life in prison.

We have handled countless revocation cases and hearings. Each case and each client’s desires, and needs are different, but we make sure to take all their concerns into consideration as we navigate them through the process of a motion to revoke proceeding.

Why Hire Us

Our Strategy

1. Listen carefully to every one of our clients
2. Assess what they want to happen in their case
3. Advise them as to all the various scenarios that can play out in a case
4. Lay out all the options going forward
5. Keep the client constantly in the loop as we implement our plan

With our experience we have the ability to be able to see the case from:

  • Your point of view
  • The prosecutor’s point of view
  • The Judge’s point of view
  • A Montgomery County Jury’s point of view

With a former Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney as a partner, we know:

  • What is a good deal
  • What is a bad deal
  • How the State is going to use their limitless resources to try and convict you
  • How to fight back
  • How to win

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